Neighbors for Renewal is a not-for-profit corporation which purchases houses that are in severe disrepair, rehabilitates them using volunteer labor as much as possible, and makes those houses available at a significantly reduced price to working families whose income falls within established program guidelines.

Our 12th home was dedicated during the summer of 2008. Our 13th home was purchased in early May, 2009 and the sale finally completed in early 2011 - mortgage financing was difficult and a delay. We began work on our 14th home in May, 2011.

This corporation grew out of earlier efforts of the Abraham Lincoln Neighborhood Association, which has worked since its inception in 1993 to strengthen Belleville neighborhoods. In the summer of 1997 representatives of the Abraham Lincoln Neighborhood Association met with representatives of the former Belleville Area College and West Pointe Bank to explore the possibility of establishing a new corporation to address housing issues within the city. Neighbors for Renewal was the result of that labor.

From the beginning, we recognized that the strength of the cost-efficient model utilized by Neighbors For Renewal would rely heavily on establishing working partnerships. We welcome and use the involvement of skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled volunteers from church groups, organizations, companies, and the community in general. We also welcome and have benefitted from contributions of money, materials and houses!

Prospective buyers of the houses are also required to contribute sweat equity to the rehabilitation process of the house as a condition of purchase.

Those interested in purchasing a house from Neighbors for Renewal must also:

  • Have a combined maximum household income of $46,000 for the first person, and $4000 more for each additional person in the household (7/1/06 guidelines).
  • Be willing to contribute 50 hours of sweat equity per adult in the household to rehabilitate the home.
  • Be able to obtain a loan from an established lending agency and provide a proof of credit-worthiness.
  • Participate in the mentoring/education program provided by Neighbors For Renewal.
  • Provide references from prior and current living circumstances and indicate personal commitment to be a part of the neighborhood in which the house is located.