Our tenth home is at 207 North 2nd Street, just west of St. Paul's United Church of Christ. The house was donated by St. Paul's. It was completely gutted, as most of our homes are. It will receive everything new, including a new addition on the back.

This house will become an education center to teach skills to the handicapped. See the 1/24/07 Belleville News-Democrat story "Bridges Connect to Real Life" for more information. Also see this Letter to the Editors of the Belleville News-Democrat.

See History below the pictures.

Before Front View

Before Side View

Before Rear View

Before Front Bedroom View

Before Living Room View

Before View To Bathroom

Before View To Kitchen

History as provided by Bill Shambro

Originally Platted by John Messinger on June 17, 1936 [first Lt. Governor of Illinois, buried at Messinger Cemetary on Old Collinsville Road by Clinton Hills Golf Course]

First shown on County records in 1900.

From City directory

1920-21 – Fred Weinel , gas company watchman. [Mercurio wholesale produce across the street at 208-210]

1922 – Fred Weinel, wife Ida [Ida is the head waitress at the Belleville House Resturant]

1939 – Degen, Aubrery barber [wife edna].

1946 – Mike Mercurio

1961 – Nunzia Mercurio – Mike’s widow This directory also indicates that Charles Mercurio ran a barber shop in the rear. Also, at 205 W B St. [the food pantry] was Mike Mecurio. I assume Mike and Charles were Nunzia’s sons.


1. The Mercurio’s had wholesale and retail produce businesses from the 1920’s to about 1959 at different locations in the City. I believe one of these Mike Mercurio’s was acting Belleville Chief of Police at one time. I spoke with a Mike Mercurio from O’Fallon who lived in the food pantry. He believes the gas and water lines come from the food pantry to the 201 house. He also stated that the lines enter the 201 house in the southwest corner of the kitchen. [not sure though].

2. The 1870 census shows a Fred Weinel living in Belleville. He was born about 1844. I do not know where he lived. I assume this is Freds father.

3. On July 30, 1915, Fred Weinel was struck by lightning while working in the basement of Harrison Machine Works Company paralizing the right side of his body. [Comment – Its pretty hard to get lightning into a basement. Knowing the lack of electrical insulation in 1915, and working in a machine company, I believe one of the operating machines went to ground through Fred causing a large electrical arc. In the newspaper article, there was no mention of any storms.].

4. Fred died on June 6, 1935 at the age of 61. He was buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery. He was a member of St. Pauls.