Our eleventh home is at 205 West "B" Street, just west of St. Paul's United Church of Christ. The house was donated by St. Paul's. It was dedicated Saturday, August 18, 2007.

This house became a joint food pantry jointly operated by seven area churches with St. Pauls - see the Belleville News Democrat 7/28/07 front-page article.

See History below the pictures.

Before Front View

After Front View

Before Rear View

Before Bathroom View

Before Second Bathroom View

Before Side Room View

Before Front Room View

Before Front Kitchen View

Before Kitchen-Front Room View

Before Rear Entryway View

Before Rear Kitchen View

Before Kitchen Front View

Before Living Room View

History as provided by Bill Shambro

1896/97 The City directory lists John A. Schlosser as Bar Keeper but not at the address above.

1920/21 The City directory lists the Schlosser family living at the address. John A. was Proprietor of the Belleville house Restaurant. His wife was Catherine. John died May 5, 1934. His son John was listed as a miner. His son Frank was listed as in Sales. His daughter Margaret was listed as Cashier.

1923 The City directory has Mike Mecurio as owner of the property.

I believe that John A Schlosser’s obituary listed him as being instrumental in Belleville's "white asparagus" becoming popular for our area.

Upon demolition of the interior, an old Post Dispatch dated 1897 was found in the attic. Also found was a infants manger that had a spring rocker attached to it. Another attic find was a large wooden box with the words “Wm. Glaser Belleville, Il.”. William Glaser was a shoe store owner at 26 West Main [also his residence] for around 40 years until 1923. He died in 1927.

The age of the house is baffling. The basement is about 1/3 basement and the rest is crawl space. It seems to me that the existing house was built on one, or as many as three “Row House” foundations. The stone walls in the basement indicate a time frame of 1850. The exterior brick was added over the top of wood siding and wooden frame work. The square nails used in the wood frame indicate a time of construction of around 1890 or 1900. The exterior is of brick resembling homes built in the 1920’s or 30’s