Our thirteenth home is at 318 West "H" Street. It was purchased from Wells Fargo in early May, 2009. It was condemned by the city of Belleville. The city demands that the garage be removed as it is settling and pulling the house down with it. Apparently the garage floor was not properly compacted before pouring the concrete floor. All of the brick on the outside of the house will need to be taken off, cleaned and stacked (and hopefully recycled). Every interior wall will have to be knocked out - the demolition will carry us into June at least.

As of September of 2010 the house is finished and the sale is pending. Obtaining mortgage financing has been a major delay.

Before Front Exterior

Before Rear Exterior

Before Bedroom

Before Living Room and Kitchen

Status 6/23/09

Finished - Front Exterior

Finished - Living Room and Kitchen

Finished Rear Exterior

Finished Basement

Finished Master Bath

Finished Shower

Finished Second Bathroom

Finished Bedroom

Finished Second Bedroom

Finished Front Exterior from NW

Finished Side Exterior from West