Our ninth home is at 207 West "B" Street, the second house west of St. Paul's United Church of Christ. The house was donated by St. Paul's. This house was built in the 1880’s (or perhaps even earlier). It was completely gutted, as most of our homes are. It has received everything new, including a new addition on the back. We also removed the exterior siding to reveal the original brick on the original portion of the structure.

The house dedication was December 9, 2006, with comments from Pastor Drew Kramer (President of Neighbors for Renewal,, State Representative Tom Holbrook, and Mayor Mark Eckert.

This home has a kitchen, dining area, living room and two bedrooms on the main floor and one bedroom upstairs. The addition to the back of the house to expanded living space to about 1600 square feet. The neighborhood is quiet, anchored by St. Paul's nearby. Neighbors for Renewal has plans to rehabilitate the two homes between this house and St. Paul's.

This house was in-progress when the Belleville News-Democrat ran a story September 17, 2006, on Neighbors for Renewal and the competion of this house.

House History, 207 West B Street [B was originally Richland Street]

Parcel # 08-21-0-425-025, Originally Platted by John Messinger on June 17, 1936 [first Lt. Governor of Illinois, buried in Messinger Cemetary on Old Collinsville Road in Belleville]

We believe the house was built during the 1880's.

First shown on County records in 1900.

From City directory - 1922 [earliest directory at library] - Mrs. Rosette Fries [207 rear] member of St. Paul’s. Husband died around 1898. Louis Fries [minor] [son of Rosette] Died March 17,1924.

1937 - Rosette Fries [died June 4, 1937].

1941 - Sebol


  1. The property next door [209 West B] was owned by Saeger family. In 1922, Louis Saeger lived in the main house and Joseph H. Saeger [Father of Alderman Wayne Saeger] lived in a small cottage in the rear. By 1935 or 40, Joseph occupied the front house and the small cottage in the rear was gone. Alderman Wayne Saeger lived at 209 from his birth until his fathers death in early 1950’s.
  2. The property [209 W. B Street] was sold by Saeger family to Jo Ann Sehr and her new husband.
  3. The front porch column on the north side has a named stamped on it. “Jacob Christian, Belleville, Illinois.” Researching the name at the Library, I found that Jacob was a contractor. His father, was also a contractor, fought in the civil war and had 12 kids. and two wives. Jacob married Susan Schnipper in 1901. The Belleville Library lists several newspaper articles on him. He was active in the master Builders and was a Judge in ward 2. He died on 7-13-1936. One must assume that Jacob built the front porch onto the house circa 1900-1935. Jacob was also an active member of the Kronthal-Liederfel Society.
  4. A small bottle found in the rear of the building near the well was from Feickerts Pharmacy in Belleville. There was a J.C. Feickert who was a pharmacist in 1897 for the Hartnagel-Harrison Drug Company. Then, in the 1923 City directory, A William Feickert is doing business as a Pharmacist dealing in toiletries and drugs. He was located at 23 Public Square. Also, in1923, William resided at 123 N Richland, which is less than a block away from this location. By 1925, William had moved his business to 121 East Main, and his residence was at 703 South Jackson. His business remained at 121 East main until 1944 to 1950 where he is no longer listed as a business.
  5. It appears that the front of the house was built much earlier than the back. The front portion may have been a flat roof. Since the Church was built in 1839, I assume that the front of this address was built soon after.

    Before Side View

    Inside Construction View

    After Front View

    After Rear View

    After Hallway View

    After Living Room Ceiling View

    After Upstairs Bedroom View

    After Upstairs Bedroom View

    After Bathroom View

    After Master Bathroom View